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The Wraith is one of the Roles in LawBreakers. As the Wraith, press SHIFT to use Slide to move around the battlefield with ease. E uses an ejected blade that detonates when shot and Q, to use a projection of time waves that temporarily slows enemies.


Helix icon.jpg
Breaker Character
Helix - Cold, calculated and precise, Helix handles his affairs with The Syndicate with the utmost professionalism and never leaves a paper trail. Law enforcement intelligence agencies have yet to officially link him with any crime, or even unmask his true identity, but they suspect that he is a weaponized Hadronium dealer who works for The Syndicate as Faust’s right-hand man.
Deadlock icon.jpg
Law Character
Deadlock - Masked heroes typically exude an air of mystery and intrigue, and then there’s Deadlock. While he is a bit of a daredevil who revels in putting his life on the line, he can be a bit of a dork and believes his masked persona makes him cooler than he actually is. That all said, he may not actually ooze cool, but at least he can back up his ego with incredible skill.


Armed with an automatic pistol in one hand and an explosive blade in the other, Wraiths can leap off walls and air pockets just as easily as they can slide through enemy defenses. To even the field of play when the odds aren't in their favor, Wraiths can tap into the dormant gravitational energy around them to distort time to slow their targets into submission.


Ability Ability Icon Default Key Ability Description
Spektor Ability Spektor.png Left Mousebutton Full-auto machine pistol.
  • Magazine Size: 30
  • Hitscan: Hits the first object in a line at the position of the player´s crosshair at the frame the bullet is shot
    • Has damage falloff with increasing distance to hit target. Down to 50% of its respective full dmg (rounding down .5 values)
  • Damage/round: 25 - 12dmg
  • Headshot multiplicator: 150% = 37 - 18dmg
  • Rate Of Fire: 15/s (0.066s/round)
  • Reload Time: 1.0s
Wasp Ability Wasp.png Right Mousebutton Short sword with sharp dash.
  • Damage: 125 if Reticle is on target the moment Wasp hits. 75 if off-target but still hitting.
  • Lunges forward if not used for 2.4s (Patch Notes incorrectly stated 3s cooldown)
    • Lunge availability displayed by two stylized red lines under the reticle. Forward impulse is barely noticeable if used without lunge available.
    • An important part of the wraith's bread and butter combo of shooting with the spektor while sliding in to hit the opponent. The wasp is used to great effect after a slide and can be quickly followed with a kick.
Chrono Switch Ability Chrono Switch.png Q Projection of time waves that temporarily slows enemies.
Stinger Ability Stinger.png E Ejected blade that detonates when shot.
  • Straight projectile path. Curved upward in Antigravity, albeit very slightly because it seems to be related to Projectile speed (Titan´s Rockets curve harder in comparison)
  • Projectile Speed: 9000
  • Impact dmg on direct hit: 50
  • Detonation dmg if stuck on target: 175
  • Proximity Detonation Dmg: 125 - 75
  • Proximity Self dmg: 29 - 8
  • Spektor shots appear to be aim assisted towards the Stinger blade in order to consistently be able to detonate it even from range
  • If stuck to an enemy the stinger will always appear on the same spot (i.e. leftside hip for Juggernauts) and doesn´t need to be targeted to explode, it´s sufficient to hit the enemy it´s stuck to (Although Stinger can still be target-exploded without harming the enemy with the shot)
  • The explosion has a deceptively huge radius, almost reaching to the yellow dotted circle around the objective spawn in the middle of Reactor while only losing up to 40% of its dmg towards the edge
Slide Ability Slide.png SHIFT Forward slide kick or backward evasive measure.
  • Damage: 75 (same as regular melee kick)
  • Impulse direction when hitting enemies depends on looking direction (i.e. upwards for an "uppercut" like direction, same as with a regular melee kick)
  • Jumping out of Slide will consume one of the triple jump charges
  • when looking above horizontal angles in antigrav zones, Wraith will leave the ground prematurely and travel in a direction between the look direction and initial slide direction (going more horizontal the later he leaves the ground by looking up)
    • Leaving the Ground like this will result in huge upwards momentum without needing to expend one of Wraiths triple jumps or a wasp lunge
  • when used backwards it will do no damage and have slightly different trajectories based on wether user was walking straight backwards or diagonally
  • while sliding forwards, movement keys have no influence at all but instead the slide trajectory may be steered slightly with mouse movement (heavily capped turnrate)


The Wasps stab has a short cooldown and gives you a lot of momentum; This can be useful to change directions quickly in tight spaces, or getting across the map with extreme speed.

Your slide can not be used when you are too high in the air; using backfire to get down to the ground for a jump reset in low-grav zones can help in pursuing an escaping enemy or getting you out of trouble.

Don't underestimate your E! It can be attached to teammates, as well as enemies. Use it to set traps for weakened enemies or initiate on an enemy with a big burst.

Using Crono Switch is excellent for scoring kills, but it can also be used to slow pursing enemies when you are running an objective.