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The Weapons in LawBreakers

Weapons come from different manufacturers and are wielded by characters. Weapons have primary and alternate fires which can be combined.[1]


Every Character in the game has a primary fire weapon. In addition, some can use an alternate fire, which typically has different features such as higher damage, rockets, better accuracy at range at a slower fire rate. Unlike the rest of the Abilities the characters use in the game, weapons have a fire rate and most of them have a fixed magazine size that requires reloading, additionally, many abilities also use mechanics similar to weapons such as the Gunslinger's Equalizer, or the Vanguard's Meteor Shells Abilities.

List of weapons[]

LAW - (Light Acceleration Weapon) Energy weapon made by the Belizi Corporation
Shoulder Rocket Launcher - Made by ANVIL and used by T.A.S.C..[2]
Aerator - Assault Rifle and Project BlueStreak's first weapon. [3]

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