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Battle to charge a single battery that exists in the map at your team’s base to 100%. First team to charge it multiple times and reach the score limit wins the match.
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Overcharge is one of the Game Modes in LawBreakers.


Capture and hold the Battery in your base to charge it. Once the battery reaches full charge, the controlling team must defend it for twenty seconds, until it overcharges to earn a point. The first team to score two points is victorious.

The goal of Overcharge Mode revolves around a single Battery that exists in the Map. Each team must successfully bring the battery to their base and charge it. Keep in mind that the battery retains it's charge, so if it's stolen from your base at 99%, you better get it back, fast! Defend the charging battery, and the first team to score two points wins the match. Also if your health runs low, you can recharge at any Station throughout the map.

Overcharge Tips[]


Grab the battery, charge at your base.
Stolen batteries maintain charge.
Defend 100% charge for 20 seconds.
Score 2 batteries to win.
You can regain health at stations.