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Alias Kitsune
Role Assassin
Team Breakers
Birth Name Akane Ito
Birth Place Sapporo, Japan
Size 5’5”, 125 lbs.
Age 25
Faction Shura Corp.

Kitsune is one of the Characters in LawBreakers.


Kitsune has run the Shura Corporation with an iron fist since the day she stepped up as heir. Despite her youth, Kitsune acts with decisive finesse in the boardroom as much as the battlefield. Shrewd, solitary and occasionally sarcastic, her skill with a blade is matched only by her need for vengeance. With the full might of Shura Corp. behind her and her brother, Kintaro, backing her up, nothing will stand in her way.


Ability Ability Icon Default Key Ability Description
Arc Blades Ability Arc Blades.png Left Mousebutton Coupled taser machetes with grapple.
Romerus Ability Romerus.png Right Mousebutton Energy Shotgun with burst and charge firing modes.
Frenzy Ability Frenzy.png Q Damage attack reveals enemies, increases damage and life steal.
Flux Blast Ability Flux Blast.png E Impulse grenade that displaces enemies and projectiles.
Dash Ability Dash.png SHIFT Quickly strafe along move direction.



Kitsune comes from the Japanese word for fox, who can be either good or evil at certain times and can disguise itself as humans to steal money