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Alias Kintaro
Role Enforcer
Team Breakers
Birth Name Haru Ito
Birth Place Sapporo, Japan
Size 6’1”, 205 lbs.
Age 24
Faction Shura Corp.

Kintaro is one of the Characters in LawBreakers.


Shura Corp.'s enforcer by day, party animal by night, Kintaro is a socialite sociopath and enjoys every second of it. He's a narcissist who wants only the finer things in life, but really only loves himself. Kintaro shows up to work for one reason only, and it's not for family honor or a sense of duty. It's because the job lets him back up his bragging rights. Truly ruthless, it isn't Kintaro's money or power that intimidates his enemies. He's a lethal opponent who enjoys killing as much as he loves caviar.


Ability Ability Icon Default Key Ability Description
Aerator Ability Aerator.png Left Mousebutton Fully automatic assault rifle.
Badger Ability Badger.png Left Mousebutton/Right Mousebutton Shock pistol effective in close-quarter combat.
Bloodhound Launcher Ability Bloodhound Launcher.png Q Salvo launcher that locks-on and fires homing rockets.
Electromag Charge Ability Electromag Charge.png E EMP grenade that temporarily neutralizes enemy abilities.
Distortion Field Ability Distortion Field.png SHIFT Boosts movement, rate of fire, and reload speeds for team and self.