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The Juggernaut is one of the Roles in LawBreakers. As the Juggernaut, hold SHIFT to use sprint allowing him to move around the battlefield quickly. E will deploy a temporary Holo-Deflector which will absorb damage and impede movement (both allied and enemy). With Q, Armor Protocol allows Juggernaut to take more damage from the front in exchange for fuel (the same source for the sprint ability).


Nash icon.jpg
Breaker Character
Nash - Still functionally similar to the AEGIS units currently employed by law enforcement agencies across the US, NashSentry units are primitive in appearance and are made from less advanced alloys and metals. Brought to a local Lifers safe house, he was reprogrammed for Lifers use and was given a “personality”. All responses were replaced with lines from songs and movies from the late 20th century.
Aegis icon.jpg
Law Character
Aegis - Sleek, sexy, yet terrifying, these units were built with the latest advancements in materials and technology. They are not only psychologically and physically imposing, but they were built for maximum effectiveness and civilian safety in a time where the battle is being fought on the streets outside our homes. AEGIS units run on the frontline of TASC operations, offering their agents close combat shielding and support.


The fearsome Juggernaut units can barrel through defenses just as easily as they can take the punishment. With an armored protocol system and a deployable energy shield, Juggernauts can hold out long enough to get close, then finish their targets with a devastating shotgun and blade capable of tearing through any personal armor.


Ability Ability Icon Default Key Ability Description
Instigator Ability Instigator.png Left Mousebutton High damage pump-action shotgun.
  • 8 bullets ammo capacity
  • Shoots out 9 projectiles per bullet in a predefined shape
  • Deals 15 up to 134 depending on how many bullets hit the target
  • 0.5 seconds between shots
  • Reloads each bullet individually
Impale Ability Impale.png Right Mousebutton Close quarter bayonet attached to the Instigator.
  • Deals 165 damage
  • Has the default melee range of 400
  • Can be quickly followed up by a regular melee
  • Can be used while charging which also knocks back enemies a great distance
Armor Protocol Ability Armor Protocol.png Q Armored plates increase protection and rate of fire.
  • Damage to the front is reduced even further
  • Consumes 15% fuel per second
Holo-Deflector Ability Holo-Deflector.png E Temporary shield wall. Deters enemy movement and deflects projectiles.
  • Lasts for 5 seconds
  • Absorbs up to 1100 damage before breaking
  • 10 seconds cooldown
Charge Ability Charge.png SHIFT Sprint for faster traversal and leaping momentum.
  • Consumes 10% fuel per second
  • Knocks enemies away
  • Locks you to the ground
  • Can be activated in the air which causes a ground slam dealing 100 damage
  • Use jump while charging to leap high in the air