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The Harrier is one of the Roles in LawBreakers. As the Harrier, hold SHIFT to use Hadronium fused laser propulsion boots that enable omni-directional mobility allowing the Harrier to move around the battlefield with ease. E is a deployable station which provides support in the form of Health and Fuel to recharge to allies. Hit Q to use a high-power unified laser beam that blasts out from the Harrier's core for a duration of time.


Baron icon.jpg
Breaker Character
Baron - Emmanuel and his family enjoyed their lives in Haiti until TASC turned its attention on the nation. Caught in the middle of the conflict, Emmanuel was sent to prison. He bears a grudge against all of TASC, believing that they falsely represent justice, and while in prison he was quickly adopted by the Lifers. He’s now looking for the best apple pie in the galaxy and rumor has it that the Breakers have them.
Sunshine icon.jpg
Law Character
Sunshine - Naomie grew up as an orphan in the streets of Birmingham. Even as a child, she looked up to and wanted to become one of the Archangels. Now she’s fulfilled her dream and fights in their name, where her determination and compassion has quickly seen her rise to one of Abaddon’s most trusted allies.


Laser guns, laser boots, laser blasts. The Harrier wields intense energy as deftly as a martial artist wields their fists, not only using its power as a weapon, but also as a way to cut across the combat zone. Capable of dealing a constant stream of damage from a distance, the Harrier also provides their allies with a resupply point for them to rally towards.


Ability Ability Icon Default Key Ability Description
Shoc-Croc Ability Shoc-Croc.png Left Mousebutton Long-range persistent laser beam rifle.
  • Bullet Type: Hitscan - Hits the first object in a line at the position of the player´s crosshair
  • Shot Pattern: Laser - Functionally behaves like a fully automatic rifle with perfect accuracy, but limited total range
  • Clip size: 60 (displayed by a 10-part bar at the top of the weapon, each bar segment representing 6 "bullets")
  • Damage: 18 - 4dmg
  • Rate Of Fire: 10/s (0.1s/tick); 6.0s per full clip
  • Headshot multiplier: 175% = 32 - 7dmg (unmarked enemy) / 43 - 9dmg (marked)
  • Reload Time: 1.6s
    • Reload segments finish after: 0.4s -> 1.05s -> 1.4s
Laser Tag Right Mousebutton Fires a long-range, single shot that damages and marks enemies to take more damage for the duration.
  • Cooldown: 6.0s (displayed by a blue sphere at the iron sights when usable, red when filling back up)
  • Bullet Type: Straight projectile - Has traveltime and a bigger hitbox than Hitscan shots. Curving upwards very slightly in zero-G
  • Debuff: Marked enemies take +35% from ALL sources for the duration (indicated by white coating)
  • Debuff Duration: 3.0s
  • Damage: 50
  • Headshot: No
  • Cannot be used while reloading the Shoc-Croc (full 1.6s reload)
  • Has self-knockback similar to Raycaster melee kicks (zeroG, airborne)
Convergence Ability Convergence.png Q High-power unified laser beam that blasts out from the Harrier's core for a duration of time.
  • Cooldown: 75s
  • Bullet Type: Hitscan
  • Shot Pattern: Laser with no range limitation (still has the same total range of all normal hitscan weapons)
  • Duration (of Laser): 3.5s (player tested, numbers might differ slightly)
  • Damage: 40dmg (400dmg/s)
  • Rate Of Fire: 10/s (0.1s/tick)
  • Headshot: No
  • Total Damage: 1400dmg
Supercharger Ability Supercharger.png E Deploy-able station that provides Health and Fuel recharge to allies.
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Heal: 100HP
  • Rate of Healing: 33/s (3s duration = 100HP)
  • Med-pack respawn time: 4.0s
  • Replenishes fuel bar
  • One Supercharger can spend up to 4 times
  • Only one can be placed at a time
Raycasters Ability Raycasters.png SHIFT Hadronium fused laser propulsion boots that enable omni-directional mobility.
  • Fuel Lasts for ~2.2s continuous usage (player tested, real values might differ slightly)
  • Begins refilling fuel immediately after letting go of the key
  • Needs at least 5% fuel to work (player tasted, approximate value)
  • 100% Refuel Time: 5s
  • Without directional inputs, it propulses the user 90° upwards of where the crosshair is
  • With directional input except moving directly backwards, the direction of the propulsion will deviate 45° towards the direction of the inputs. (ex: if pressing the left movement key, the propulsion will go diagonally upwards to the left)
  • when giving backwards directional input (NOT diagonally backward, only neutral backwards) Harrier will align their raycasters directly with the crosshairs and thus also propulse directly backwards very fast, also knocking back opponents that might give chase
  • Raycasters As Weapons
    • Raycasters deal damage in the same way as the Shoc-Croc towards the opposite direction of propulsion (easiest to do when pointing the raycasters towards the reticle) but with a couple differences:
      • Same Damage and RoF
      • Headshot: No
      • Much less range
      • Higher knockback (more apparent in zeroG)
      • Using Fuel instead of Shoc-Croc ammo
Blastback F The Harrier's kick is replaced by a double-footed attack.
  • Damage: 60 (Combined with 75dmg of the kicks themselves = 135dmg)
  • The Blastback Rays have a much higher range than regular melee (although at farther than melee range enemies will only take the 60 Blastback Damage)
  • Consumes 25% fuel (player tested)
  • If no Fuel is available Harrier performs a regular melee