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The Gunslinger is one of the Roles in LawBreakers. As the Gunslinger, hold SHIFT to use his warp which will allow him to move around the battlefield with ease. E will use a slash with a tac-knife or to scout enemies and Q is his Equalize ability, Auto barrage of bullets from both weapons with unlimited ammo.


Faust icon.jpg
Breaker Character
Faust - An infamous criminal who was thought to have been dead for many years, Faust's reemergence from the grave has thrown law enforcement agencies across the globe into disarray. Although his motivations and goals - like that of the The Syndicate who he represents - are largely unknown, what world authorities can all agree on is that he is extremely dangerous. Codenamed by those who have marked him as the world's most-wanted criminal, Faust wears his alias with pride.
Abaddon icon.jpg
Law Character
Abaddon - Abbadon is shrouded in mystery. He has no known medical history, birth certificate, or records of any kind. While he appears to be 30 - 40, his appearance hasn’t changed in the last two decades. All that is known about this mysterious figurehead is that he leads the Archangels, a group of vigilantes that the law enforcement agencies seem to tolerate.


An expert at precision combat, capable of unleashing a flurry of shots from simultaneously wielding two very different guns, the Gunslinger is a lethal marksman with unpredictable movement. Combined with the ability to teleport short distances, and a tactical knife that reveals enemy positions, the Gunslinger can rip through enemy defenses before they even knew he was there.


Ability Ability Icon Default Key Ability Description
Ability Alpha.png
LMB.png Semi-automatic pistol that 3d prints ammo.
  • Bullet Type: Straight projectile - Has traveltime and a bigger hitbox than Hitscan shots. Curving upwards very slightly in zero-G
  • Shot Pattern: Burst Fire - 3 pellets per shot, spawned in quick succession
  • Rate Of Fire: 3.44/s (1 every 0.29s) Holding Down LMB Will result in a much lower than optimal RoF
    • The 2nd and 3rd pellet can be cancelled if any action apart from shooting Omega or Jumping is taken within 65ms/130ms of pressing LMB (still consumes 1 ammo)
      • If Omega was fired right before using Alpha and the animation still shows Alpha pointing upward, another 120ms should be added before taking another action to prevent pellets from getting cancelled (=250ms)
  • Damage: 20 dmg each pellet
  • Headshot multiplicator: 150% = 30dmg
  • Reload Time: 2.6s
Ability Omega.png
RMB.png Precision pistol with single or charged projectile.
  • Bullet Type: Hitscan - Hits the first object in a line at the position of the player´s crosshair once the button is released again
    • Has damage falloff with increasing distance to hit target. Down to 40% of its respective full dmg
    • Has a maximum range after which it won´t hit targets anymore. Reached soon after min. dmg falloff range
  • Magazine Size: 6
  • Rate Of Fire: 2/s uncharged (1 every 0.5s) to 1.111/s charged (1 every 0.9s: 0.4s charge time + 0.5 downtime
    • (500ms between the release of one shot and the start of the next, wether charged or not.
    • Hold Down RMB for maximum RoF with charged shots only (=5.4s total)
  • Base (uncharged) Shot
    • Damage: 70 (-> max falloff: 28)
      • Headshot multiplicator: 110% = 105 dmg (-> max falloff: 42 dmg)
  • Charged Shot
    • Damage: 130 dmg (-> Max falloff: 52 dmg)
      • Headshot multiplicator: 175% = 227 dmg (-> max falloff: 91 dmg, multiplicator gradually scaling up from 110% with increasing charge)
    • Charge Time: 0.4s
Ability Equalizer.png
Q Auto barrage of bullets from both weapons. Unlimited ammo.
  • After 1.7 seconds of channel time shoots three projectiles which each deal 30 damage (each wave dealing up to 90 damage)
  • Shoots 10 waves per second for 4.8 seconds
  • Reloads your guns and refills all warp charges
  • 75 seconds cooldown
Ability Tac-Knife.png
E Tactical blade used for scouting and as a weapon.
  • Projectile: Has traveltime and a bigger hitbox than Hitscan shots. Slightly affected by gravity (ballistic dropoff)
  • Damage: 200 dmg
    • Headshot multiplier: 125% = 250 dmg
  • Upon hitting a solid object (enemy, ally, map geometry) it will ping in a sphere with the point of impact as its center, revealing any enemies in it for a brief period.
  • Will perform a melee strike if hitting an enemy at less than 300 units away (quick melee range is 400)
    • Will still go on Cooldown and reveal enemies in a sphere around point of impact as if thrown
  • 20 seconds cooldown
Ability Warp.png
SHIFT Brief teleport in direction of movement.
  • Charges: 3
  • Cooldown: 4s (Last Beta Patch Notes state it was decreased from 5s, however it never was that high.

Either it had already been at 4s before, or it was actually at 4.5s but not 5s.)

  • Press the jump button in mid-air after having depleted an eventual normal airjump to dash straight upwards. Uses 1 charge
  • Press the primary weapon button (LMB by default) shortly (~0.5s max.) after warping to perform a warp combo.
    • Warp Combo: Quickly shoot two shots from each of your weapons at the same time (normally impossible)
      • 6 Alpha pellets + 2 uncharged Omega shots total = maximum of 260 dmg (334dmg if all headshots)




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