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One of the overcharge spots in Overcharge mode, that you'll need to bring the battery to.

The various Game Modes in LawBreakers.


Fight to the death in intense game modes that elevate the competitive shooter genre to all new levels. LawBreakers' signature brand of gravity-induced chaos, combined with innovative takes on multiplayer game modes, offers a truly unique and exhilarating experience.

Game modes are fast-paced, sports-inspired and cut-throat. Moments of intense drama and clutch last second scores are hallmarks in all LawBreakers modes. You must coordinate with your team to crush the opposition, or be crushed under the weight of superior strategy and skill. With a diverse array of gravity-defying maps, highly competitive game modes, and unique abilities, LawBreakers is designed to shatter your notion of what it means to be a multiplayer first-person shooter. [1]

List Of Game Modes[]

  • Uplink - Fight for control of the Uplink and download valuable data to your team's base, because if you don't - you fncking lose.
  • Blitzball - Work as a team to gain possession of the EURO Ball and take it to the enemy's base goal to score a point. First team to reach the score limit wins.
  • Turf War - Fight as a team to lock three zones throughout the map and be the first to reach the score limit.
  • Overcharge - The goal of Overcharge revolves around a single Battery that exists in the Map. Each team must successfully bring the battery to their base and charge it. Keep in mind that the battery retains it's charge, so if it's stolen from your base at 99%, you better get it back, fast! Defend the charging battery, and the first team to score two points wins the match. Also if your health runs low, you can recharge at any Station throughout the map.