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The Factions in LawBreakers.

Current List of Characters + Roles + Factions[]

Faction Icon Characters Roles Faction Info
Axel Enforcer A lawful, yet intimidating, enforcement agency.
Aegis Juggernaut
Bomchelle Titan
Abaddon Gunslinger An elite force of "self-appointed 'heroes'" who use their might to take down opposition to justice. Known members are Abbaddon and Deadlock.
Sunshine Harrier
Deadlock Wrath
Hellion Assassin An all-female elite task force. Known members are Maverick and Hellion.
Tokki Battle Medic
Maverick Vanguard
Baron Harrier Unknown. Nash is a member, and possibly Cronos. Very little else is known.
Nash Juggernaut
Cronos Titan
Shura Corp.png
Kitsune Assassin A large corporation owned by the siblings Kintaro and Kitsune. They are the most likely cause for The Shattering.
Kintaro Enforcer
Feng Battle Medic
Toska-9 Vanguard The allies of Shura Corp. Literally, a syndicate. Seem to be more of the bruiser type.
Helix Wrath
Faust Gunslinger