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Alias Bomchelle
Role Titan
Team Law
Birth Name Michelle Pellerin
Birth Place Lafayette, LA, USA
Size 6’5”, 260 lbs.
Age 30
Faction TASC
Nicknamed for her explosive strength and energy, Bomchelle is a former pro-fighter turned supercharged T.A.S.C. muscle.

Bomchelle is one of the Characters in LawBreakers.


Bomchelle was born into a life of crime and became a celebrated MMA fighter. Sick of a life she'd never chosen, she rebelled and joined the TASC. She now channels her passion and rage into her work in law enforcement, making sure the only people faced with her destructive power are the ones who fully deserve it.


Ability Ability Icon Default Key Ability Description
Hammerhead Launcher Ability Hammerhead Launcher.png Left Mousebutton Rocket launcher that deals both splash and direct damage.
Crisper Ability Crisper.png Right Mousebutton Lightning gun that chains to enemies. Deals damage over time.
Berserk Ability Berserk.png Q Electric attack that amps damage output and health.
Neutron Mine Ability Neutron Mine.png E Proximity mine that impedes speed of enemies.
Pulverize Ability Pulverize.png SHIFT Electric leap that deals damage on impact in an area.