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Alias Baron
Role Harrier
Team Breakers
Birth Name Emmanuel Mongerard
Birth Place Jacmel, Haiti
Size 5’10”, 149 lbs.
Age 22
Faction Lifers

Baron is one of the Characters in LawBreakers.


Emmanuel and his family enjoyed their lives in Haiti until TASC turned its attention on the nation. Caught in the middle of the conflict, Emmanuel was sent to prison. He bears a grudge against all of TASC, believing that they falsely represent justice, and while in prison he was quickly adopted by the Lifers. He’s now looking for his own form of justice against a group who he believes falsely represents it.


Ability Ability Icon Default Key Ability Description
Shoc-Croc Ability Shoc-Croc.png Left Mousebutton Long-range persistent laser beam rifle.
Convergence Ability Convergence.png Q High-power unified laser beam that blasts out from the Harrier's core for a duration of time.
Supercharger Ability Supercharger.png E Deploy-able station that provides Health and Fuel recharge to allies.
Raycasters Ability Raycasters.png SHIFT Hadronium fused laser propulsion boots that enable omni-directional mobility.