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With two razor-sharp blades and an energy shotgun at her disposal, the Assassin excels in close-quarters-combat.
Law Hellion
Breaker Kitsune
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The Assassin is one of the Roles in LawBreakers. As the Assassin, tap SHIFT to dash avoiding incoming fire and right click to grapple the walls or enemies with your arc blades. To throw your enemies off ballance, press E to use a Flux Blast to launch enemies up into the air. Q will launch the Assassin into a Frenzy spin attack and while active it will reveals enemy positions and regenerates her health after each kill.


Kitsune icon.jpg
Breaker Character
Kitsune - Kitsune has run the Shura Corporation with an iron fist since the day she stepped up as heir. Despite her youth, Kitsune acts with decisive finesse in the boardroom as much as the battlefield. Shrewd, solitary and occasionally sarcastic, her skill with a blade is matched only by her need for vengeance. With the full might of Shura Corp. behind her and her brother, Kintaro, backing her up, nothing will stand in her way.
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Law Character
Hellion - Hellion is as deadly as she is playful. She could have become angry or spiteful after her legs were blown off, but this irreverent teen moves too quickly to dwell on the past. She attacks her job with confidence that belies her age, and a competitive edge that keeps even her allies on their toes. But don't let her smile fool you. In the wink of an eye she'll slit the throat of a heinous criminal, then take a selfie to prove it.


With two razor-sharp blades and an energy shotgun at her disposal, the Assassin excels in close-quarters-combat. Capable of grappling to any surface or target, dashing in any direction, and disorienting incoming enemies and projectiles, the Assassin is a deceptive enemy that can traverse the battlefield with a deadly grace.

As one of fastest, highest mobility roles in LawBreakers, the Assassin uses Arc Blades to melee enemies before they even know what gibbed them. On the rare occasions Hellion and Kitsune can’t grapple close enough for the silent kill, the Romerus Energy Shotgun will blast a hole in anyone who thinks they can outrun them. Toss in a Flux Grenade that releases a blast of gravity to send enemies flying, and a momentum-shifting quick dash, and the Assassin will surely steal your heart, your Blitzball, and your life.


Ability Ability Icon Default Key Ability Description
Arc Blades Ability Arc Blades.png Left Mousebutton/Right Mousebutton Coupled taser machetes with grapple.[Rise Up Beta Patch notes 1]
  • The Arc blades have the basic melee range of 400
  • First hit to an enemy deals 50, second 75 and third 100 damage (full combo 225 damage)
  • Hitting a target while directly aiming at it will result in a precision combo,
    • which deals 100, 150, 175 damage (full combo 425 damage)
  • A grapple can be fired with alternate fire, when hitting dealing 50 damage
  • When dragged to an enemy using grapple assassin performs an automatic attack dealing 175 damage
Weapon Swap Time (between pressing the swap button until the first shot can be fired)
  • Arc Blades -> Romerus: 0.47s
  • Romerus -> Arc Blades: 0.52s
Romerus Ability Romerus.png Left Mousebutton/Right Mousebutton Energy Shotgun with burst and charge firing modes.
  • Magazine Size: 5
  • 1.15 seconds reload time
  • Shoots 5 slow moving projectiles per shot each dealing 8 up to 20 damage depending on range (5 x 20 damage = 100 damage)
  • When charged by using alt fire for 0.7 seconds,
    • firing 9 projectiles each dealing 12 up to 30 damage depending on range (9 x 30 damage = 270 damage)
    • firing the charged mode consumes all ammo in the current magazine
    • 7 shots kill at point blanc range
    • 5 shots alt fire
    • one of 3 guns with a single action reload
Frenzy Ability Frenzy.png Q Damage attack reveals enemies, increases damage and life steal.
  • Restores 55 HP on hit
  • Performs three hits when activated with 650 range
  • Combo when in Frenzy deals 60, 90, 120 on first, second, third hit
  • Precision combo when in Frenzy deals 120, 180, 210 on first, second, third hit
  • Reveals nearby enemies trough walls indicated by a red silhouette
  • Lasts for 10 seconds
    • Kills extend the duration
  • 80 seconds cooldown
Flux Blast Ability Flux Blast.png E Impulse grenade that displaces enemies and projectiles.
  • deals 50 damage and knock backs enemies
Dash Ability Dash.png SHIFT Quickly strafe along move direction.
  • 3 charges with 4 seconds cooldown
Double Jump


SPACE Can perform an addition jump while in mid-air. Double Jump resets after landing or grappling.




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