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Alias Abaddon
Role Gunslinger
Team Law
Birth Name Leandro Martinez
Birth Place Rosario, Argentina
Size 6’0”, 172 lbs.
Age Unknown (believed to be 30 - 40)
Faction Archangels

Abaddon is one of the Characters in LawBreakers.


Abbadon is shrouded in mystery. He has no known medical history, birth certificate, or records of any kind. While he appears to be 30 - 40, his appearance hasn’t changed in the last two decades. All that is known about this mysterious figurehead is that he leads the Archangels, a group of vigilantes that the law enforcement agencies seem to tolerate.

Born Leandro Martinez in Rosario, Argentina, in the year 2176, Abbadon comes from a future timeline that witnessed the downfall of humanity. In 2242, Abbadon was takes by the last surviving Archangel Lunar Base members to return to the year 2049 and stop a critical experiment from taking place, which was believed to be the catalyst for mankind's ultimate decline. Miscalculating the warp through time, Abbadon's arrival led the lunar experiment in 2049 to critically fail, which cascaded into the Moon's destruction. Hadronium, though, was still discovered, and Abbadon continues his mission to protect mankind, although this time he will participate in the fight and not merely observe from a distance. Only Abbadon himself knows his impact of this world, and the only person he trusted to share his burden with was killed by Shura Corp.


Ability Ability Icon Default Key Ability Description
Alpha Ability Alpha.png Left Mousebutton Semi-automatic pistol that 3d prints ammo.
Omega Ability Omega.png Right Mousebutton Precision pistol with single or charged projectile.
Equalizer Ability Equalizer.png Q Auto barrage of bullets from both weapons. Unlimited ammo.
Tac-Knife Ability Tac-Knife.png E Tactical blade used for scouting and as a weapon.
Warp Ability Warp.png SHIFT Brief teleport in direction of movement.



- Abbadon is from the future. That is the reason why the GRID cannot locate anything about him.

- Abbadon was directly involved with the cataclysmic event called The Shattering